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Medieval Archery in Waterford

Sigtrygg was also known in Ireland as Sitric.
 Sigtrygg Silkbeard ll

Waterford has seen a return of an ancient character that once ruled the Déise and Dublin- and much else besides.

Sigtrygg was married to Sláine, daughter of Brian Boru, they had one son who in turn had one son (before being killed in Wales) Ragnhild, from whom Gruffudd ap Cynan and the Kings of Gwynedd were descended.

A fierce warrior, Sigtrygg (also known in Ireland as Sitric) was born in the summer of 956.

It is in his honour that Experience Medieval Archery has been set up to coach medieval archery and through storytelling explain a little of the history and techniques of the medieval archer.

Veðrafjǫrðr was the Viking's name for Waterford 
Sigtrygg in (Veðrafjǫrðr)Waterford, Next to Reginald's Tower - Ireland's oldest secular building.

Sigtrygg is available for festivals, garden parties, cultural events, and general murder and mayhem.

New premises for the crystal shop
The world famous Waterford Crystal factory is directly opposite Waterford Viking Triangle. This area has some of the oldest (secular) buildings in Ireland - and much more besides.

Famed for it's street parties (Spraoi, Harvest Festival) Ireland's oldest city is party-central in S.E.

For lots more photos/videos and stories & links to medieval "Lies, Lore & Legends" see - Archery Through the Ages

No matter how small we are, we can all reach for the skies 🙌


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Experience Medieval Archery in Museum of Medieval Treasures in Waterford

 Sigtrygg's  family also conducted a double marriage alliance with Brian Boru, although he later realigned himself with the main leaders of the Leinster revolt of 1012–1014. He has a prominent role in the 12th-century Irish Cogadh Gaedhil re Gallaibh and the 13th century Icelandic Njal's Saga, as the main Norse leader at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.
Sigtrygg's long reign spanned 46 years, until his abdication in 1036. During that period, his armies saw action in four of the five Irish provinces of the time. In particular, he conducted a long series of raids into territories such as Meath, Wicklow, Ulster, and perhaps even the coast of Wales. He also came into conflict with rival Norse kings, especially in Cork and Waterford.
He went on pilgrimage to Rome in 1028 and is associated with the foundation of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. Although Dublin underwent several reversals of fortune during his reign, on the whole trade in the city flourished. He died in 1042.
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Some action photos
Carolann needs to raise that elbow! 😆

No boundaries :-)

No age-limits either 💪
Or here 😁

Some just 'shine' 😄

Mayor Lola O'Sullivan did the honours to Open Experience Medieval Archery 23,April, 2015

This young lady was first to score 'bull' with the warbow. 💪💪

Young and old enjoy it.

Instructive. Keep the line.


Getting things right

Suitable for all ages.

Tip, nock, hand, elbow is the mantra.

Some were very serious. 😯

The mayor shows how it's done 😇

Elbow back - FIRST!!

Nice line

We have our own tent and flags.

Storytelling with LOTS of arrows

Tent adds colour and pageantry.


Spring 2017 Flight Shooting English Warbow Medieval Archery

 How to shoot the Warbow

Building a bow in 5-Steps

The following may not be suitable for the faint of heart. Arrows piercing flesh.

Making arrowheads

Making medieval arrowheads

Here's a blog written about Mark Strettons Guinness World Record attempt, shooting a 200lb bow.  Covers everything from diet and exercise to the bow used and the details of the record itself, and some of it is written by Mark himself.

Warbow Archery Tips,Techniques, and Seminars


  1. Very interesting, will definitely be considering you for various festivals and cultural events in Waterford. Thank you for your blog.

    1. Many thanks for that. I'm actively seeking venues to coach. Keep you're eye on this blog as I'll be adding lots to it over the coming days. - Videos too I hope.

  2. Pity that some platforms don't allow the videos to run here but click on the links under to access the video in new tab.


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